Medicare Supplement Plans 2017 – Plan G vs. Plan F

There exists about ten Medicare Supplement insurance plans in the market present with Plan F having higher deductibles. When compared to the other plans, Plan F is considered to be Medicare Supplement’s official champion.

Comparing F and G plans

This plan is marketed to be the very best available among all plans. But the truth is that there are many consumers who are simply not aware about Plan G or have been properly introduced to it. Several reasons are cited for its low sales, although this plan is much similar to that of Plan F.

  • Agents on promoting Plan G are likely to receive smaller commission, since it involves fewer costs to the consumers. Hence, when compared to Plan F, it is not that lucrative.
  • This plan is marketed by agents rather as a hassle, when compared to that of Plan F. This effectively means that consumers can get scared to think Plan G is to require a good amount of effort.

Understanding the reasons

When the first reason is discussed, the average price difference between Plan G and F is around $20 to $30 and the savings is about $300/yearly, as seen by the agent and $6 lesser than what Plan F is likely to have garnered as commissions. To the agent’s agenda, it might not sound much worthwhile. However, if the person is selling every six months around 100 policies, then around $6,000 is to be lost in the deal.

But if the agent is genuine and has the interests of the clients before his own, then he would assist towards finding the best suited policy to fit the specific situation and hence, would not steer clear from that of Plan G.

When discussing the second reason, as a consumer, the person may find it difficult to look away from Plan F. There are many who may feel that it is Plan F which is worth the investment. Part B deductible is the only difference that exists between both the plans costing about $147/annually and is to be completely used up before the carrier or Medicare covers anything.

So before taking any Medicare Supplement plans in 2017, the person needs to first evaluate the different plans, understand the benefits offered and compare them along with the prices before making the final decision. A well informed choice is sure to help the person to stay fully covered and also enjoy peace of mind.

Knowing how to save money with low income

It is important for every person to save some money for the future, since life is unpredictable. However, it has been noticed that people in general are not saving money as they should and cite the reason behind for not saving to be due to their low income. Trying to set out some amount from the paycheck every time, does become a daunting task. The primary concern of every person is to meet up bills and rent instead of worrying about hypothetical expenditures that may come up in the future. It is termed to be quite natural according to the experts. But this does not mean, the person starting to save is impossible and what it requires is strict discipline, especially among those who have low income. For those wishing to avoid the Obamacare penalty feel free to check out for information regarding insurance.

Understanding the key points for making savings for the future

It is necessary for the person to start small, if he assumes that saving big is not possible at the moment. He needs to know that he cannot save big, if his income is low and should not wait for the ‘right time’ to come. At least a dollar is to be set aside every week or whatever the person can afford. This is something that has to be undertaken on a regular basis and a particular time is to be set, so that it is not forgotten. A much easier way would be to have regular transfer done to the savings account from the account and it is better to have it done on the payday. This way, the person will not notice it. The next thing is that savings should be started immediately. Only then can the long term financial objectives be met easily. Waiting will only delay the plan to save precious money and no one would like to have missed opportunity.

The other crucial aspect is that the savings is not to be touched at any cost. It could be that the person gets tempted for using the money for various purposes or to see through until payday, with an intention to have additional money put back in. But this becomes impossible due to low income and having to meet inflated expenses with time.

Hence, it is essential to establish as to what the savings are meant for. Is it for saving for a new car, for retirement or for emergency money? The boundaries are to be defined clearly and followed strictly.

Retirement and Medicare in 2017 – How to Plan

Planning retirement

When people are working, they continuously think about their retirement and plans about it. You might have heard many people saying that after I get retired I will roam around the world, some say they will enjoy with their grandchildren, etc. Everyone has different goals and they wish to achieve them. But life is unpredictable. It is not necessary that retirement always brings happiness. Retirement is at the age which is most probable of having the health issues. So, it is very important to plan the retirement. Some of the government schemes such as Medicare are available that helps in covering the health risk after your retirement. Medicare is the social insurance program and it has many benefits. Be sure to shop the Medicare Supplement Plans for 2017 to make sure you save the most money by choosing a good company.

A retired person may have many changes of life. It is possible that a retired person moves to a new location as he does not have the social contact in his current life and thus wants new lifestyle. It is true that some of the people want to live a different life after their retirement. It is very common that the retirees get involved in the charities and other organizations. Tourism is another thing that many of the retired people wish to have.

Lifestyles that a retired person adapt

There are 6 lifestyles that a retired person can adopt.

  • A person can continue to work full time after retirement also.
  • The person can adopt a part time job so that he can easily pass his time.
  • The person retires from the work and gets involved in enjoying the leisure activities.
  • A person can retire from his work and again start working as part time.
  • Retiring and getting involved in the recreational activities
  • And retiring temporarily and then again start working as full time.

Medicare and Retirement in 2017There are countries that are facing the problem in sustaining their country as the majority of the population is reaching the retirement age. So, there are concerns related to the number of skilled workers in the country and the pension’s plans. If the number of retired persons increases then it becomes difficult to satisfy the needs of the population. Some of the people never think of retirement. There are various reasons behind working forever. Some of the people love working; some need the continuous physical work, etc. Some of the people get retired and after that they take care of their grandchildren. Some of them get involved in activities like golf and many other sports.

Contingencies in life

All of us will stop working at one day. That is what we call retirement. We will stop earning but still we is need of proper planning which will be spending on our expenses so there is needs of proper planning which can help us in our life after retirement. This can also be called senior finance. The senior finance is what we will need in life after retirement. We do the long term investment but the investments do not consider the contingencies. So, each and every person irrespective of their age and employment status should plan for the contingencies which can come in future.

Your savings should be such that it should guarantee the lifestyle which you wish to have after retirement. Many of the people wish to live the same life after retirement as they are living in their working years. This means that there is a need of high level contingency and planning of income should be high when you retire. The contingency fund should be such that it can meet the requirements and expenses for minimum of 6 months. This means that in any bad condition you should have fund that can let you live properly for 6 months.

Why people go for early retirement

With the passage of time, stress has increased in the people at a very young age which is tempting them to get retired early. The financial planners say that there are many people who wish to advance their retirement age. Most of the time the financial planners ask the customers to delay their plan if retirement so that they can have enough funds for retirement life. Early retirement needs very powerful planning so that the goals of life can be met.

Different people need different amount for living the life after retirement. Some wish to live normally and some wish to live a luxurious life. Compounding is a well known and powerful tool which explains that the long period is better as it helps the money to grow. Don’t think that your income will rise and then you will start saving. If you think like that then you would not be able to save more. Select the most appropriate financial adviser and start planning immediately. Calculate the available savings and the instruments of protection. Then calculate the funds and execute the plan. Proper planning at early stage will let you live the life which you require at later stage.

Who has the best Medicare Supplement Plans?

While shopping for the very best Medicare Supplement Plans in 2017, the person can feel quickly overwhelmed with the different plans that are available in the market. It is by hiring an expert that the process can be made to be much easier.

About Medicare supplement policies

Medigap or Medicare Supplement Insurance as they are known had been standardized several years ago by the government. They have been lettered A to L and designed for covering things which otherwise is not covered by Medicare. The most basic, but least expensive plan is termed to be Plan A, while an expensive and comprehensive plan is Plan J. But the most popularly and commonly purchased plan is Plan F.

All the same

While discussing with different brokers selling such policies, the person is just required to be aware of the fact that irrespective of the insurance company that deals in such plans, they are to provide identical benefits. Plan F in other words from one company is likely to be identical to that of the other companies present in the market. Therefore, the agent is not allowed to fool around into making the person to believe that Plan F sold is much better than what is presently held. Insurance providers could easily charge any premium amount they are eager to take. Therefore, bargaining is compulsory so as to get the best deal, value worth the money and huge discounts and savings.

Medicare Supplement Plans 2017

Independence is always the best

It is necessary for the person to be confident that the provider being dealt with is honest, reliable and dependable, having strong financial backing, excellent history of claims paying, fabulous customer service and much more. It is for this reason that it becomes essential to work along with the independent broker, representing various insurance providers. When talking with a specific insurance provider, the person is likely to get quotations of their own product. They are sure to make claims that their product is the best in the market. But the independent broker is sure to provide plenty of choice to select from.

Insurance providers are known to have their rates changed every year and usually, it goes upwards. Bigger providers often purchase other companies and come up with new products due to acquisitions. This could effectively mean, they may have come up with lower cost, newer policies that one can easily avail and benefit from.


Costs of Medicare Plan N

Medicare is the scheme that is provided by the government for its citizens. It is the scheme where some of the health expenses are covered after retirement. A person when reaches the age of 65, he is likely to take the benefits of Medicare. Medicare is not free. A person has to pay when he is in his working years. Thos benefits are then reversed back to the person in his age of retirement when he needs it. But the Medicare does not cover all the expenses of health. It does not cover certain outpatient expenses and certain drugs. Thus people need to go for the Medicare Supplement plans which cover the benefits not provided by Medicare.

You must be thinking about the cost of Medicare Supplement Plan N. The Medicare Supplement plan N cost less than the other comprehensive plans. It costs almost 25% less than other plans. The reason that this plan is having less cost is that it is filling fewer gaps in the Original Medicare. Those who are enrolled in the Medicare Supplement plan N are required to pay 20 dollar copayment for the visit of doctor and 50 dollar if they visit the emergency room and not get admitted in the hospital. The Medicare supplement plan N does not cover the Part B deductible and does not cover any of the extra charges of Part B, so the person is responsible for those costs.

Premium of Plan N

The Medicare supplement plans are sold by the private companies and not by the government. Thus the premium for each plan differs from location and the provider. The companies can use three price rating systems for setting the premium prices. The three systems are issue age rates, community rated and attained age rated. Issue age rated plans set the premium on the basis of age of the person when they are issuing the Medicare supplement plan. The community rated plans are such which are same for all irrespective of their age. The attained age rated plans are the most expensive amongst the three plans. Here the premium is set on the basis of the age of person which increases with the age of person. The premiums differ based in the rating system of the prices set for premium. So, there are 3 systems for premium and all have their pros and cons. You can select the one that suits you best.

Medicare and their types

Description of Medicare

Medicare is the health insurance program for those people who are above 65 in age. It is also applicable for certain people who are young and have disabilities also opt for the Medicare. There are people with end stage renal disease which requires transplant and dialysis can also opt for the Medicare. There are various parts of Medicare which covers some specific areas. Medicare is used by people as there is uncertainty of pension and other private plans n future. So people are becoming conscious and planning for the Medicare so that they can have a good future.

Types of Medicare

Medicare part A is called the hospital insurance. It covers the areas such as the stay of patient in hospital, caring b the skilled nurses, home health care and hospice care. Medicare Part B is called the medical insurance. It covers the services provided by doctors, outpatient care, some preventive services and the medical supplies.

Medicare Part c is considered as the Medicare advantage plans. It is the type of Medicare plan that is offered by the private company. It contracts with Medicare to provide you all the services of Part A and Part B and get all the benefits. Medicare advantage plan includes preferred provider organization, health maintenance organization, special needs plans, private fee for service plans and the Medicare savings account plans. If you have already enrolled in the Medicare advantage plan then you will get cover for all the Medicare services and will not be paid for the original Medicare. Almost all of the Medicare advantage plans offer prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Part D is considered as the prescription drug coverage. Part D adds the coverage for prescription drug to the original Medicare, Medicare private fee for service, Medicare savings account plan and mediocre cost plans. The plans are offered by the insurance companies and private companies who are approved by the Medicare. Some of the Medicare advantage plan already includes the prescription drug coverage and you don’t need to take this plan separate. To learn more about these plans visit

There are times when you are not sure which kind of Medicare you have. We can help you in that case. First of all check the Medicare card. It can be red, white or blue. You can check all the insurance cards and call on the number provided for getting the details of the insurance coverage. You can also check the Medicare health and the drug plan enrollment.


Scope of Medicare of supplement plans

Coverage of Medicare supplement plan  

The Medicare supplement plan is also known as Medigap. It fills the gap in coverage which is not covered by the original Medicare. The original Medicare does not cover the gaps such as deductibles, copayments and coinsurance. The Medigap plans are noted by the letters A to N. The Medigap plans are offered by the private companies and when the plan is offered it is necessary to offer the Plan A and Plan C or F as the supplement coverage. The Medicare supplement plans cover different level of coverage but each of the plan cover some basic benefits regardless of the location and carrier. The plans are usually same in all states and the Medicare supplement plans does not cover the vision and dental care, long term care and hearing aids but they do cover the basic benefits.

The Medicare Part A coinsurance costs additional 365 days than the original Medicare benefits. Medicare part A includes coinsurance and copayments. Medicare part B includes coinsurance and copayments. The Medicare supplement plans also include additional benefits such as Medicare Plan A deductible, Part B excess charges, Medicare Part B deductibles, foreign travel emergency care and many more.

Cost of Medicare supplement plan

All the private insurance companies offer same benefits for all the different lettered plans and they do not charge anything extra for the coverage. You should find the Medicare supplement plan that serves both the medical and financial needs. The plans may include the premiums that are to be paid monthly and the yearly deductibles. There are different costs of the Medicare supplement plans. The community no age rated plans needs to pay the same premium regardless of the age. The issue age rated plans have the base of premiums which are on the basis of the age when you enroll for the first time. It is preferable to enroll in the plan when you are young so that the premium would be less. The attained age rated is the plans similar to issue age one but the premium increases with the increase in age.

Enrolment in Medicare supplement plan

For enrolling into the Medicare supplement plan you need to be enrolled in the Medicare part A and part B. The best time to enroll is Medigap open enrollment period. You have the choice to enter nay plan in this period. If you are denied in this enrollment period then you will be denied in future also on the basis of your medical history.

Understanding what is Medigap insurance is all about

Medigap or Medicare Supplement Insurance is considered to be a private health plan that has been designed for supplementing the original program (Part A & B). The supplement plan although run by private insurance companies, is run by Medicare. This plan helps the person to make payments to some healthcare expenses, which is otherwise not covered by the original program (gaps like deductibles, coinsurance and copayments), including specific services, which is not covered by the original program at all. In case, the person has already availed the original insurance program as well as a Medigap policy, then it is the original insurance that would pay share of approved amounts to cover expenses of health care, followed by payment by Medigap policy.

Medicare Advantage 2017

Things to understand

Each Medigap Insurance policy is to follow both state and federal laws. Such policies are stated to be standardized as well as identified by A-L letters. Every policy is to offer similar basic benefits, irrespective from whom the health insurance has been purchased. The only difference is likely to be the price that each carrier is said to offer to its customers. The alternative is to find one of the Medicare Advantage plans. For next year’s plans visit http://www. to see what’s available.

About the policies

Policy A is known to offer core and basic benefits, while the remaining 11 policies tend to comprise of basic benefits along with few additional benefits. The following benefits are provided with Plan A:

  • 61-90 days Hospital Coinsurance by Part A
  • 91-150 days Hospital Life-time Reserve Co-insurance by Part A
  • Beyond Medicare coverage, Lifetime Hospital for 365 days
  • Part B Coinsurance of 20%
  • Three pint blood deductible in Part A & B

Rest of the policies (B-L) provides different combination of following benefits:

  • 21-100 days, Part A Coinsurance for SNF
  • Hospital deductible by Part A
  • Deductible by Part B
  • Emergency coverage on foreign travel
  • Recovery at home
  • Medical care of Preventive in nature

There is a need to have Part A & B, when purchasing Medigap policy. The person has to pay premium for both Part B and for the Medigap policy.

But the following benefits have not been covered under the Medigap insurance policy, which includes the following:

  • Hearing aids
  • Dental care
  • Prescription drug expenses exceeding $3,000 annually
  • Vision care
  • SNF after 100 days
  • Private nursing duty

It is to be noted that Plans J, I, H and E are no longer available in the market as of 2012. However, if the person already has one, he can continue to receive its benefits.